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19.10.2020 um 16.50 Uhr auf ARTE in  XENIUS


Ihren individuellen Wunschtermin für 2020 sprechen Sie gern mit uns ab !

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Samstag und Sonntag 05. und 06.Dez. 2020

Sonntag und Montag 27. und 28.Dez. 2020

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Hi and welcome to our page.This page should give you a short overview of the work of M.Blöcher building materials Recycling GmbH

Living with historic building materials

Divided into 6 sections see, what we do. Browse through our pages andget inspiredby ourProjects with antique building materials Perhaps  we can do something for you …
Our theme rooms


Half Timber Houses


Antique Timber

view our Gardenhouse Examples

Humans and Animals

Because we do not all pages and products translated properly, the best way is to call us to find out more about our products and services ..


Creating the new retaining the old


Renaturation of Buildings

Renaturation of Buildings

Homes and its historical components can tell stories. Therefore, houses which were built with great craftsmanship at a former time, continue living for.

The Blöcher Company consistently engaged in the renaturation of buildings since 1988.

Half Timber and Recycling Houses

Half Timber and Recycling Houses

Based on the idea to build resource-efficient houses, the M. BlöcherCompany designed and developed the „Recycling houses“. Thus, for a feasible to relate the design and the complete combination of materials for recycling household (as a kit or turnkey), Its also possible for you to buy individual components.


We restore monuments or organize an environmentally acceptable dismantling to maintain and reuse of things …
Trade with historic building materials

Trade with historic building materials

The rich variety of components is cataloged, so that a quick access is guaranteed at all times. All materials in the raw state or restored and refurbished offered
Product Catalogue